Signing of the Project Equity Investment Agreement

On February 1, 2024, a significant stride was made towards sustainable development through the ProPEACE Programme Phase II. A Signing of the Project Equity Investment Agreement and a comprehensive Orientation on Bookkeeping was attended by the Bangsamoro Koronadal Proper Cooperative, Sumbakil Mushroom Association, Salam Women’s Association, Barangay Rubber Framers Association, and Purok Maguindanao People’s Association Read More


In a convergence of environmental stewardship and community synergy, the Ridge to Reef Program of Mahintana Foundation, Inc. funded by Dole Philippines, Inc. held its R2R Stakeholders’ Forum 2023, and unfolded its transformative narrative on December 13, 2023. Diverse voices harmonized during this event, creating ripples of change that extend far beyond the confines of Read More