On October 16, 2019, Mahintana Foundation, Inc. through its HEALTH Plus project, joins the Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting in Lake Sebu with representatives of Rural Health Unit (RHU) and Community Health Care Complex (previously Lake Sebu Municipal Hospital) headed by Dra. Jocelyn Bayquin, Municipal Health Officer (MHO) and Mahintana Foundation, Inc. with Ms. Margie S. Managuit, Project Manager and Ms. Jea A. Roque, RPh, Supervising Pharmacist and Ms. Yvonne Templonuevo, Nutripan Coordinator.  The meeting started with updates from Dra. Bayquin on the operations of the hospital with recently approved PhilHealth accreditation.  She stated that their petty cash of P50, 000.00 per week for medicines and supplies will not anymore suffice the demand of increasing admitted patients.  She recommended for Mahintana to fastrack establishment of HEALTH Plus in their locality.  She added that the design and program of works for the renovation of the location of HEALTH Plus Shop-in-a-Shop (HPSiS) is already available and the cost has reached P158, 000.00.  She added that if ever there are concerns with FDA then the RHU will apply for its own License to Operate (LTO) with the salaries of the registered pharmacist to be taken from the operations of HPSiS. For the meantime, she added that, the hospital is applying for LTO but Ms. Joyce Bagaybay, RPh, has some concerns with the formulation of the Risk Management Plan (RMP) as one of the requirements for LTO application. She also stated that the Ordinance integrating RHU and hospital is already on public hearing, however, there are still challenges on convincing Sangguniang Bayan (SB) members for its approval.

Ms. Managuit stated that she will submit the design and program of works to management for their approval and once approved, she will formulate the service contract and communicate with Dra. Bayquin to start the renovation. Ms. Roque also stated that she might be able to help in the formulation of the RMP.  Dra. Bayquin also instructed Ms. Bagaybay to provide the list of fast moving medicines and supplies of the hospital and Ms. Guia Arroza, Public Health Nurse, for the RHU to be submitted to Ms. Roque through email for reference in the initial stocking of Lake Sebu HPSiS.

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