The BPI Foundation, Inc., led by Ms. Joy Reniva, Associate Director of BPIFI, accompanied by Ms. Melani Magbuhos, Program Manager, Mr. Art Aguinaldo, and Ms. Kristine Cariaga of Bayan Academy, recently conducted a site visit and consultative meeting with Mahintana Foundation, Inc. The purpose of this visit was to help farmers learn and explore valuable opportunities for holistic and sustainable development in the agricultural sector. Together, they embarked on a purposeful journey to engage with local communities.

During their community visit, they were introduced to the Food Day Association, one of the beneficiaries of the MOVE Project. Additionally, they paid a courtesy visit to the mayor’s office to discuss its support for the future growth of the municipality of Polomolok. Their visit continued to the farm of one of the MOVE project beneficiaries, where they witnessed a harvest display alongside Palkan farmers.

This visit exemplifies sustainable development and community engagement, as demonstrated through their fruitful interactions with local farmers.


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