Lebak: one of seven municipalities included in the SOLARES project

After completing profiling and validation in Lebak, the SOLARES project staff marketed the solar home system (SHS) units to barangays in the area. Consistently, SUKELCO conducted a membership consumer (MC) orientation and application.

Households gained knowledge on the use of the SHS unit, including minor standard operating procedures. Through the activity, the team addressed a common misconception regarding the project: Once they are signed up for the SHS unit, they are no longer eligible for the grid connection.

Once electric grid distribution is available in their area, there will be a recall of SHS units to be transferred to an off-grid community.

The SHS package includes an ERC mandated tariff of Php 7.40 a day. Replacement of worn out or damaged parts will be covered by the maintenance fee. After the project duration of 3 years, the units will be turned over to SUKELCO as part of their sustainability mechanism.

MC sign up will continue until the end of March 2020. Community members are required to submit accomplished PVM membership forms to their barangay secretary along with the one-time membership fee of Php 255.

Membership orientation by SUKELCO at Pansud, Lebak, Sultan Kudarat

In line with the livelihood component, Mr. Stefan Babera, project officer from Peace and Equity Foundation, visited to monitor partner MFIs/people’s organizations/associations. Mr. Babera assisted Keytodac Coffee Growers Association (KCGA) with possible partnerships and preparation of a consolidated financial statement. He also visited Kalamansig Farmers Agricultural Development Marketing Association (KFADMA) and Bacbacan Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BMPC) for a possible partnership as well. As a result of the monitoring, the project organized a financial systems installation training in support of partner MFIs/POs/associations.

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