Mahintana Foundation, Inc. through its HEALTH Plus Project conducted the first bi-monthly team meeting for the year on February 24, 2020 to present and discuss various accomplishments, issues, concerns and opportunities with the existing partners, in the region through public bidding and the preparation for the implementation of the Universal Health Care Law. With these, everyone were reminded of the core values of the project – teamwork, leadership, commitment, integrity and excellence – that must be observed at all times while working interdependently with the patients, partners, suppliers, communities and other stakeholders.

The team leaders from the nine HPSiS reported their respective hospital admissions, served and unserved prescriptions, sales, tracking of account receivables as well as gaps and challenges. These accomplishments, challenges and opportunities will help the team to strategize and position the project as it continues to live on its vision to increase the access of the poor and indigent communities on the safe, effective and affordable pharmaceutical products and devices in the region.

The meeting ended with the challenge to scale up personally, the team and the project as government partner on the technical assistance and partner in the implementation of its different projects on health services to its constituents. With these, personal and professional training and development were set to be conducted within the year to further strengthen and improve the existing operations and processes.

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