Scale-up Reduced Pollution through Vegetation and Rehabilitation (Scale-up REPAIR) of Silway River Phase 3 Project conducted FAITH Gardening, Vermicomposting, Farm Planning and Budgeting Workshop Training on May 24-25, 2018 at Barangays Lumakil and Rubber, Polomolok, South Cotabato. The training was attended by 40 project participants and seeks to provide the farmer-partners with knowledge in the establishment and maintenance of FAITH gardens and generate/produce a well-defined and documented Farm Plan with corresponding budget, which will be their guide in establishing household level gardens.
lumakil 1

Project Coordinator Ms. Ella Mae M. Babao welcomed the participants and explained the overview of the 2-day training workshop.  BLGU representative Hon. Jelin Macaludos encouraged the participants that the participants commit to support the project that the whole barangay will benefit from. Project Officer Mr. Ramon C. Manero presented the importance of gardening, and discussed some of the FAITH gardening practices in Asia, steps in making the FAITH gardens, cultural practices in gardening, and inputs on bamboo and fruit tree propagation. In the afternoon, Mr. Raihan A. Solaiman presented the actual maps and survey outputs of the areas in Barangays Lumakil and Rubber, Polomolok to confirm the areas for planting. He also explained the importance of using organic fertilizer and discussed the steps in establishing vermicomposting and its production. Ms. Babao gave a brief orientation on how to develop a FAITH garden farm plan.

As part of the workshop, the participants answered a questionnaire as evaluation of learnings. The participants were able to the plot timeline of the activities for planting,  schedules of establishment of their vermicomposting and farm plan outputs with corresponding budget. Distribution of seedlings is on May 30-31, 2018 while tentative date of planting is on June 1st week

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