In the process of developing and organizing the Dole Gawad Pag-ibig (DGP) community, seventeen (17) participants composed of the DGP Homeowners’ Association officers, Gawad Kalinga (GK) Coordinators and MFI staff facilitated a learning exposure/cross-visit to four (4) identified Gawad Kalinga areas in General Santos City (GK Orlando, Katangawan and GK Promise Land, Mabuhay) and Davao City (GK Pueblo Antonio, Toril and GK Los Amigos, Tugbok) with an outstanding performance in terms of community organizing, project management, livelihood, linkaging and community development on May 24-25, 2017. The activity aims to benchmark and adopt the best practices of the visited GK communities.

The two-day learning exposure enlightened the DGP officers on how to effectively organize their community and establish a sustainable homeowners association responsible in managing and implementing various development programs and activities that would contribute in the sustainability of the community.

During the visit, the DGP officers learned that the foundation for building a productive and sustainable community is to inculcate strong values to their community members and organize programs beneficial for them that can also help address locally identified needs. Building interpersonal relationships and working hand-in-hand are also essential to create mutual understanding and trust. Even more important is to establish and train good leaders who can develop the right approaches and procedures for decision making, resolving conflicts and handling finances.

Furthermore, the different sources of income of visited GK communities inspired the DGP officers to pursue livelihood programs/entrepreneurial activities as an opportunity to provide employment, maximize the full potential of the community and achieve inclusive growth.

The activity was concluded by a feedback session where the DGP officers shared their experiences, learnings and insights. And as a follow through, they planned to gather the children and the youth of the community and provide activities for them to build and enrich their relationship vital for the success of the community.


DGP Homeowners’ Association officers and MFI staff visiting different GK communities in General Santos City and Davao City. (clockwise from L to R: GK Promise Land, GK Orlando, GK Pueblo Antonio, GK Los Amigos)

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