Organizing the Dole Gawad Pagibig (DGP) community is a challenge the DGP officers has to face for they are responsible for uniting people to work together and build a sustainable and socially just community. As community leaders, they need to engage themselves in leadership development, mobilizing and action planning and help promote and implement community-building projects and activities effectively.  On April 17, 2017, Dolefil in partnership with MFI conducted the Training-workshop on Values Re-orientation, Leadership and Planning attended by 15 DGP Homeowners Association Officers held at Dolefil Gymnasium, Brgy. Cannery Site, Polomolok, S.C.

The training allowed the participants to discover and reflect on their personal vision, mission and values in line with the organization’s purpose and core values. It also enabled the participants to identify the current problems of the community, bring about solutions to better live in the community and develop an Action Plan for the implementation of developmental programs.

The topic on Values Re-orientation discussed by Ms. Liza Hora was useful in determining how well the participants know themselves and how others view them as individual members of the community. Another topic on Leadership and Action Planning was presented by Ms. Mythel Faith Solis, MFI Project Officer. She explained the different characteristics a good leader should have and facilitated the drafting of the community action plan. The participants engaged themselves in the process of identifying what the community wants to accomplish and the necessary activities required and resources needed. And at the end of the training, the participants were able to draft the Community Action Plan which will be submitted in the next DGP Officer’s meeting.

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