Thirty-three (33) members and/or permanent alternates of regular members attended the 3rd Quarter Multi-partite Monitoring Team  Meeting held on August 26, 2015 at the mini-gymnasium of the Tboli Fruit Growers Multi Purpose Cooperative. Among the issues and concerns discussed and provided appropriate recommendations were the 1. Observance of Buffer Zones along grower-farms 2. Cutting of planted bamboos along the Tubi-Allah riverbanks and 3. Issuance of ECC and compliance to environmental laws and regulations. Mahintana, who implements and reports to the MMT all updates and accomplishments of  community development and social service projects and activities of Dole Philippines, raised the concern of the non-submission of Program of Works for environmental management/ clean and green campaign projects to be implemented in each barangay with funding assistance of P10,000.00 per project from Dole Philippines. On the said matter, an agreement was reached to extend the deadline for submission of program of Works until September 02, 2015.

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