“If only our parents have realized the importance of Family Visioning and Household Budgeting, our family’s current living condition could have been not this difficult”, shared by Mr. Roel Obatay of Sitio Banuang, Brgy. Lumasal, Maasim, Sarangani Province.  (”Kung nahibalo lang siguro ang among mga katigulangan bahin sa kamahinungdanon sa Family Visioning, dili unta ingon ani kalisod ang kahimtang sa among pamuyo karon..”) He added that, “in my whole lifetime, it is only now that I was able to make a written plan on how to achieve the better future of my entire household.” (”Sa akong tibuok kinabuhi, karon palang gyud mi nakahimo ug nakasulat og plano alang sa maayo nga kaugmaon sa among tibuok panimalay.”) These are a few of the many significant insights gained by the participating couples during the Workshop on Family Visioning & Management of Household Finances”.

As one of the major activities undertaken through the South-Eastern Philippines Health and Economic Alternatives (HEAL) Project supported by the Delegation of the European Commission to the Philippines, the target 1,200 households which mostly belong to the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) situated in 12 barangays of 10 municipalities in four (4) provinces of South Eastern Philippines have undergone a workshop  which opened their minds on the importance of designing their respective Family Visions and formulating their own Household Plans which are contributory to the achievement of their ultimate vision for their respective families.

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