On April 13, 2024, the Barangay Lapu Daycare Center received 11 kiddie tables, 44 kiddie chairs, 1 teacher’s table set, and 1 bookshelf through the Dolefil-Assisted Chairs-for-Trees Project of Mahintana in partnership with Dole Philippines, Inc., with funding support from Pineview Residences, together with Dadiangas Masonic Lodge No. 225, headed by Atty. Rabmor Thomas T. Bartolome.

During the event, Dadiangas Masonic Lodge No. 225 also provided school supplies to 44 pupils, enhancing the educational resources of the daycare center. Among the distinguished attendees were Ms. Leamor Bañaga, Corporate Affairs-Senior Manager, Atty. Rabmor, representing Pineview Residences, members of Dadiangas Masonic Lodge No. 225, Ms. Marivic Tubo and Mr. Rhyolite Balili, representatives from the Polomolok Mayor’s office, BLGU-Lapu, the daycare teachers and enthusiastic parents and pupils.

This initiative uplifted the Barangay Lapu Daycare Center, ensuring that its young learners are equipped with the necessary tools to thrive in their educational journey.


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