In partnership with Dole Philippines, Inc. with funding support from Tarami Corporation, the Chairs-for-Trees Community Reciprocating Project of Mahintana Foundation, Inc. successfully turned over 50 armchairs to Klowil Ampan Elementary School on August 20, 2021. As part of the reciprocating action to increase student awareness on environmental advocacy and vegetate the surrounding area, the school committed to plant the donated 1,750 fruit and forest seedlings within school grounds and riverbank areas.

The official turnover activity included guests such as Hon. Ronnie L. Dela Peña, Vice Mayor of LGU Tboli; Mr. Danilo Dan, Sitio Leader of Lemlago; Ms. Mizpah Sunshine Ming, Tboli Tribal Affairs Unit Officer; Mr. Geffrey Anthony Potenciano, Klowil Ampan Elementary School Head Teacher; Mr. Jeremiah Diana, Communications Office Corporate Communications Department of Dolefil; and Mr. Jade Gatdula, project coordinator from Mahintana.

Mr. Dan, Sitio Leader and Mr. Potenciano, Head Teacher for their messages of appreciation.

Mr. Dan spoke of his appreciation for the chairs; Mr. Potenciano emphasized the armchairs will be put to good use for setting up the extension school which greatly benefits the school and the community. Mr. Diana also shared that the project started and implemented through the help of Tarami Corporation.

The signing of the memorandum of agreement included Hon. Dela Peña representing LGU Tboli and Mr. Potenciano representing the school. The ceremonial turnover of the chairs for Klowil Ampan Elementary School followed.

Klowil Ampan Elementary School was established in 2020 with 60 enrollees from Grade 1 to 6. They were in need of armchairs to aid the learning of their students and improve the facility of the makeshift classroom.

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