Polomolok Task Force Kalusugan (PTFK) Project Annual Review and Strategic Planning

PostHeaderIcon Polomolok Task Force Kalusugan (PTFK) Project Annual Review and Strategic Planning

IMG_8968_Fotor_CollageTo review and track the progress of the Polomolok Task Force Kalusugan (PTFK) project for 2017 in achieving its end results and develop action plans for the next fiscal year 2018, public and private partners of PTFK including representatives from the Mayor’s Office, the Health Educators and HEPOs of partner cooperatives and BLGU Cannery Site, gathered for the Annual Review and Strategic Planning on November 23-24, 2017 at Mt. Sabrina Panoramic View & Resort, General Santos City. It is essential for the core partners to meet and discuss effective initiatives of the project to ensure that the project’s main goal of improving the health and well-being of employees and member-workers of Dolefil’s partner-cooperatives and its immediate communities will be achieved.

Mr. Laurence Grino, Municipal Administrator, in his welcoming address, noted the accomplishments of the project over the years and thanked Mahintana and its partners for their contribution in making the project successful in its endeavors.

The participants presented their achievements for 2017 per cooperative (CAMPCO, FARB, PMSC, TSKMPC, and UEWMPC) and committee (Policy Support and Governance, STI/HIV/AIDS Services, Service Delivery, Information, Education and Communication, Planning, Monitoring and Surveillance). Following the presentations, the group  expressed their challenges encountered in implementing the project and discussed ways to address it. The planned activities for 2018 were presented the next day where some focused areas will be sustained and additional set of priorities will be included.

The workshop was concluded with the agreement that each committee will submit their final action plans to Mahintana and will be due for presentation in the 4th Local Health Board Meeting by Year 2018.

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