To promote awareness in healthy lifestyle, the Health Initiatives, Mitigation Services and Opportunities for Growth of Tupi (HIMSOG-Tupi) project initiated by Dole Philippines Inc. through Mahintana Foundation Inc. facilitated the early morning dance workout and fitness program titled “MagZumba ta, Tara na!” on April 7, 2017. The activity which is in line with the celebration of World Health Day 2017 was joined in by participants from LGU Tupi’s Bikers’ Association, Zumba Association, Barangay and Municipal Councils, PNP, BFP, MEEDO, MHO and MDRRM.

Before the Zumba workout, the participants performed a 30-minute dynamic stretching exercises and enjoyed the Fun Walk around the Plaza afterwards. These warm up stretches are essential before any workout routine to condition one’s body  and avoid any muscle discomfort or injuries. The Zumba exercise which lasted for about 45 minutes was led by Nurses under the Nurses Deployment Program (NDP) of DOH.

During the short program held after the Zumba session, Dr. Lester Claveria, Mun. Health Offcier, thanked MFI and Dolefil for initiating this kind of undertaking to encourage individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle. He said, “Maayo gid mag exercise labi nagid sa mga kalalakihan para ma avoid ang prostate cancer ug uban pa nga mga sakit, para sa mga tigulang kay makapabata ini, ug mga kabataan para ma maintain ang maayung panlawas.” (Exercise is good particularly for men as a way to avoid illnesses like prostate cancer, for the elderly to  look and feel young and for the young adults to maintain physically fit and healthy).

The guest speaker, Ms. Marifort R. Rafael, IPHO Health Education Promotion Officer II, lectured about Pilipinas Go4Health and encouraged individuals commit to a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, proper nutrition and the prevention of smoking and alcohol consumption.

Later, LGU Tupi represented by Hon. Noel Escobillo, Municipal Vice Mayor, gladly accepted one (1) unit of Projector donated by Dolefil and MFI to be used in every Zumba Session scheduled every Monday to Friday. Also, one (1) set of flipchart of Pilipinas Go4Health was given to MHO including Information, Education Communication (IEC) materials on Aksyon Barangay Kontra Dengue (ABKD), No Smoking, Hepatitis and STI/HIV/AIDS.

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