The staff and management of Mahintana Foundation, Inc. together with BOT members Engr. Carlos S. Baldostamon, Jr. and Dr. Eva Hormigos convened for a Strategic Planning activity on January 25-26, 2017 at Dole Kalsangi, Polomolok, South Cotabato. The main goal of the activity is the formulation of the 5-year Strategic Plan for the years 2018-2022.

Day one included inputs coming from different resource speakers and group discussions led by the facilitator, Mr. Norman Joseph Q. Jiao, Executive Director of Association of Foundations (AF).


Resource speakers Mr. Dennis Omar T. Salvo, Manager of PEF’s Partnership and Program Unit and Mr. Fiorello Elizaga, DILG XII LGOO VI

Resource speaker Mr. Fiorello Elizaga, DILG XII LGOO VI, presented the National and Local situation in the Philippines and highlighted in his presentation the priority programs and accomplishments under the Duterte administration. He explained what the current administration commits and will deliver in the next six years.

Another resource speaker, Mr. Dennis Omar T. Salvo, Manager of PEF’s Partnership & Program Unit, talked about social entrepreneurship and shared the thrusts and policy directives of PEF. “PEF’s direction is geared towards building sustainable communities by investing in social enterprises that will provide them viable livelihood,” he said. He stressed that as a development strategy, social entrepreneurship is an approach that can benefit the society in general, with emphasis more on those who are marginalized and poor.


(top photo) AF Executive Director, Mr. Norman Joseph Q. Jiao, discussing the vision and mission statements of the organization; MFI’s Executive Director, Mr. Martiniano Magdolot, giving his closing message

Known for his ability to help groups develop quality strategic plans, Mr. Norman Joseph Jiao, AF Executive Director, gave the staff the opportunity to reflect on their personal commitment in working with the organization. They had the opportunity to look back and revisit the vision and mission statements of the organization. Mr. Jiao allowed the group to carefully understand the statements, do the analyses and to work together to clearly state a common vision and mission, detailed and specific enough to guide the direction of the organization.

On day two, the strategic planning continued with Mr. Jiao making the activity engaging and dynamic. He also shared about his experiences in pursuing his passion and challenged the staff to do the same.

Accomplishment reports of the four programs of MFI (Environmental Program, Basic Social Enterprise, Basic Social Services and Institution Building and Governance) were later presented. The reports showed that most of the organization’s stated goals and objectives for the past 5 years have been achieved. This was followed by a presentation on the brief background and history including the milestones and financial performance of MFI for the past years by Mr. Martiniano Magdolot, Executive Director and the identified SWOT by Ms. Margie Managuit, Healthplus Program Manager.

For the closing message, Mr. Magdolot expressed his gratefulness to the staff for participating actively and engaging themselves in the process. He encouraged everyone to be more dynamic for the realization of the 5-year Strategic Plan.

The two-day activity allowed the group to clearly identify the vision, mission, slogan, programs, strategic goals and key results as the organization moves forward. Mahintana Foundation will continue to focus on its core programs towards the attainment of its vision of “A dynamic organization working towards sustainable and resilient communities” guided with its mission, “To implement viable and socio-economic and environmental programs through leadership, commitment, teamwork, integrity and excellence.” The slogan “Building Resiliency, Sustaining Development,” simply defines what the organization values the most and what it wants to achieve in the succeeding years.

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