As part of the project’s food processing and marketing support to the Learning Sites, the South-Eastern Philippines Health and Economic Alternatives (HEAL) Project with support from the Delegation of the European Commission to the Philippines, facilitated the Community Product Critiquing Session and Community Visits on August 7-8, 2009, respectively.  Ms. Jeannie Javelosa, communications, and Mr. Ammado Alvarez, product development expert both from the ECHO Store provided significant critiques and corresponding suggestions for community products’ improvement.  ECHO Store is a high-end marketing outlet based in Manila known for its strong commitment on Environment, Community, Hope, & Organization (ECHO).

A total of 42 participants from the different Peoples Organizations (POs), NGOs and LGUs in South-Central Mindanao participated in the Product Critiquing Session on August 7, 2009.  Each of the products brought by the different POs was assessed in terms of packaging and overall product marketability.  Products which were critiqued during the session include (a) processed food (i.e. Guava jelly, Calamansi concentrate and juice, Kaong vinegar, Taro and Banana chips, Civet coffee, Arabica coffee, Ginger Tea, “tinagtag”, and Turmeric products) and (b) traditional treasures (i.e. T’nalak cloth, gifts and souvenir items, tribal embroidery and beadworks, Nito and Sugar bag products).

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