The Knowledge Management team of the MFI’s Institution Building and Governance Program conducted a training on the Introduction to Kobotoolbox and Data Analytic Tools at the Science Research Building at MSU Gensan.

MFI introduced the use of these free and open-source apps/tools that provide opportunities to automate paper-based data collection, profiling, project monitoring, and business analytics in a cost-effective manner.

MFI broadened its focus and organized a Training of Trainers on Child Rights, Protection, and Participation for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Community Support Groups (CSGs) of the Municipality of Maitum as part of its Project SAFE. This was done in collaboration with Save the Children Philippines, Kasilak Development Foundation Inc., and Dole Philippines. Its objective is to address the high incidences of inequalities and discrimination through multiplying child rights protection and social accountability implementers with various partnered organizations.