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Campaigning Literacy on Internet Content through
Knowledge-sharing (CLICKs) Project

What is Media and Information Literacy (MIL)?
The practice of using critical thinking and digitalliteracy to defend against online harms is oftenreferred to as Media and Information Literacy.Much has been said about not only the originalhopes and aspirations of a user-driven mediaecosystem, that the internet provides – andperhaps even more said about the effects this hashad – both good and bad.

Common narratives exploited by extremist propaganda

Us vs Them.

Progandanda that positions one group as superior (i.e.
the ingroup) and the other as inferior (i.e. the
outgroup) in a way that leads to judgements and
negative assessments about their inherent dignity and
moral character.

Propaganda that holds individuals or groups
responsible for adverse events (real or imaginary) in
order to fuel hatred towards certain groups of people.

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